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Home Building Services

Custom homes designed and built to the specifications of each client.
Home additions for more square footage anywhere you want!
Luxury and energy-efficient home plans are also available.

Modern Home Plans & Designs

Home models at reasonable price points in up-and-coming neighborhoods.
Renovate your existing space with supreme kitchen designs.
New bath designs that go beyond your expectations in function and form.
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Contractors that Care

Enjoy personal attention from a locally owned home building company. We're excited about partnering up with residents that we can build long-term relationships with. We've been here for over a decade, and we're here to stay. You're not only getting home builders, you're building friendships.
We're fully licensed and insured with all related building certifications up to date. Rest assured that if something goes wrong like damages, injuries, or an accident, (which is extremely rare), we handle all the associated liabilities. You, your property, and your investment are protected.
Ask about our financing options for building custom additions on your home sooner. We've partnered with one of the leading, most trusted, most reputable lenders for home improvement financing in Kansas City. Please, feel free to check them out by CLICKING HERE.
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Reviews From Past Clients

"Gold Heart Home Builders was incredible to work with. They took our ideas and effortlessly made them transpire."
J. & S. Evans
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Our Home Builders Proven Process


Your home plans start with a no-cost consultation with our design team. We will go over each feature of the interior and exterior of your soon-to-be-built property. Then, you can take all the time you need to determine what's best for you.


The architectural team will take your initial design ideas and develop blueprints for our proficient home building contractors. Again, you're a very big part of the home building process. We will review each detail with you before breaking ground to make certain your visions have been accurately outlined.


After approval, we order all the materials, acquire the permits, and prepare the lot, we start your new home build. What we tell you from the beginning as far as price and timeframe to complete the work remains our focus. However, if there are any issues along the way, you will be informed instantly.

Customized New Home Design Plans

Gold Heart Home Builders from Kansas City doesn't just do one type of home build. Instead, we break away from cookie-cutter home designs and customize every aspect to make each one unique. What do you have in mind for your new home plans?

Home Models

Our home models in Kansas City are scattered throughout the surrounding cities and towns and waiting for you to move in. So get to homeownership quicker and eliminate the stress of the fine details. We've taken care of them! Full warranties are included.

Kitchen Design

Have you thought about the possibilities for your kitchen design in Kansas City? You won't believe what an update from our talented home builders will accomplish. First, see some of our previous work. Then call to get your kitchen home plans in motion.

Bath Design

A new bath design in Kansas City not only improves the comfort of your space but also increases the functionality and property value! Design a bathroom that suits your current lifestyle with a new tub or install a new bathroom floor. The options are endless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions for our home builders in Kansas City? Feel free to call and ask away. However, in the meantime, see if we can clear anything up with these common inquires with answers from our qualified home building contractors.

How much does it cost to build a house in Kansas City, MO?

It's virtually impossible to put an exact figure on what it cost to build a house in Kansas City, MO. Each rate varies depending on factors like size, location, materials used, land, permits, foundation, framing, electrical, and plumbing systems, heating and cooling equipment, and so much more. However, we will detail it all for you during your consultation with our house developers.

What is the process to build a custom home?

Unlike what most people think, the best process for building a custom home is first finding a home builder to partner with. Most believe the lot is purchased, the design is created, and then the home builder takes over. However, when you first choose a home building company you trust, the rest of the process is smoother, quicker, and less expensive.

Can I design my own house to build?

Essentially, yes, you can come up with your own custom house design plan. However, keep in mind that what you come up with is tweaked and adjusted by a professional architect with knowledge in the industry before going to the home building part of the project. Most find it's easier to share their ideas with an architect from the beginning and allow the trained expert to complete the house blueprints.

Kansas City Home Building Services Suitable for Every Client

Our home builders in Kansas City are here to help perform the home construction you've been waiting for. We work with you and your budget and always stay within our promised timeframe for completion. Discover more about what we do and how we make it possible. Call today for personalized home building services from our attentive professionals.

Custom Homes in Kansas City is What We Do Best!

Our custom home builders in Kansas City are who to call when you want to build your own property from the ground up. Take control of everything from the very beginning with assistance from our creative and efficient team of designers and architects.

By pairing up with our crew, you can relax knowing that not a single detail will get overlooked. Tell us what you're expecting at the end, and we will take steps to get there. Call today to get your project started. We're looking forward to working with you.
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Kansas City Home Construction - Experienced, Highly-Trained Home Building Contractors

New home construction in Kansas City isn't something that every contractor can handle. There are permits, building codes to follow, and other technicalities that include plumbing, electricity, and heating and cooling systems that must be done precisely.

Do you already have a piece of land picked out? Maybe you need help finding the perfect location. When you nail down where you want to spend the rest of your life in your new home, we will get right to work. We value you, your time, and we work continually to ensure your satisfaction.

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Home Additions for Kansas City's Growing Families

Is it time to take advantage of your options for home additions in Kansas City? We have the solution to your lack of square footage. We will open up your home and give you the breathing room everyone needs to feel more comfortable, from additional bedrooms to dens, offices, gym spaces, and more.

Let us come to your property and look at what you have and what you envision for the new addition. Then, we will draw up a plan and present you with a no-cost quote. Contact us today!
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luxury home built in kansas city

Stylish Luxury Homes in Kansas City

Luxury homes in Kansas City's most prestigious neighborhoods are not out of our capabilities. Do you want a large house with the finest materials and amenities included? Stand out amongst the rest on the block with the vast number of possibilities we have for building the home you've always wanted.

Our customer care team will meet with you to review your budget, location, and desired home features. Everything must be agreed to and approved by you before we start or make changes. This is a significant investment, and we want to make sure to get it right.

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Energy Efficient Homes - Building Better Tomorrows

It's no secret that Kansas City's energy-efficient homes are becoming more sought after. With people becoming increasingly concerned about things like energy use, saving as much of it and still living comfortably is one service we excel in.

From adding in additional insulation to installing energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and other equipment, you will save more money in your energy-efficient home than you ever imagined. First, check out our blog  for helpful information about energy efficiency, then pick up the phone to schedule a consultation with our friendly team.
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Brand New Homes in Kansas City Neighborhoods

There's nothing quite like a brand new home in a Kansas City neighborhood that you love. We have a plethora of house plans in the most innovative designs appropriate for every budget. Would you rather not face all the challenges that come with custom home building? Ask about our model homes scattered throughout the area.

The building or buying of a home is likely one of the most extensive situations you will go through in your life. Working with the right home builders in Kansas City is key. Trust we have everything you're looking for and so much more.

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Our Kansas City Home Builders in Your Town

Gold Heart Home Builders is traveling throughout the Kansas City, Missouri region. It's our goal to provide as many interested clients with the highest quality home building services.

Find your location listed here, and then contact us to schedule your no-cost consultation.

Kansas City, MO
Overland Park, KS
Independence, MO
Lee's Summit, MO
Olathe, KS
Shawnee, KS
Lenexa, KS
Blue Springs, MO
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Gold Heart Home Builders - We're Building Dream Homes

Gold Heart Home Builders from Kansas City is the most reputable, honest, and reliable home building company in the state of Missouri. Discuss the numerous options for custom, luxury, and model homes, as well as house additions and more. Call us at (816) 203-2439
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