Eco-Friendly Energy Efficient Homes for Kansas City

We've Added Energy Efficient Homes in Kansas City to the List!

At Gold Heart Home Builders, we've recently added energy efficient homes in Kansas City to the list of services we have available. We understand how important it is now more than ever to do our part to help reduce our carbon footprint. In addition, with the rising costs of all energy sources, building a home that's energy efficient is worth the investment in the long run.

We've been building homes for well over ten years. While energy efficiency isn't new to us, constructing entire homes with the processes required is more advanced. That's why we start every project with an attentive meeting to ensure our ideas match.

Customer care is just as crucial as producing the high-quality home you expect. Rest assured, we do what it takes to make sure you are happy. Meet our friendly team by calling our office today!

energy efficient home Kansas City
new custom energy efficient home build in Kansas  City

The Advantage of Energy Efficient Housing Are Mind Blowing

You are already planning on building a home, so what makes the cost of energy efficient homes in Kansas City worth it? There are so many benefits to constructing a house this way that it would be impossible for us to share them all. However, we want you to have a pretty clear idea of what this type of house can do to your quality of life.

Check out these positives of energy efficient home designs:

  • Reduce your utility bills!
  • Protect the environment
  • Use less water
  • Take advantage of a higher resale value
  • Obtain tax incentives, rebates, and other incentives
  • Enjoy a better, healthier air quality

Not only are you getting a new home, but you're having our home builders develop one that's beneficial to the entire planet! Find out more when you call today.


Should You Build an Energy Efficient Home in Kansas City?

Why is it essential to have energy efficient homes in Kansas City? Lots of reasons! First of all, the environmental conditions alone. If you could, wouldn't you want to produce less pollution and do your part to save the Earth? This is one way you can feel good about doing just that.

In addition, you want to have energy efficient housing because:

  • You're helping to stabilize the volatility and pricing of electricity
  • Lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • More jobs are being created to help with the advanced techniques
  • Cut costs and improve your daily life!

You won't believe it until you're living it, but energy efficient homes are life-changing. Check out our blog to learn more, then schedule your consultation with our crew.

energy efficient housing in Kansas City
energy efficient home designs by Kansas City home building crew

Our Energy Efficient Home Designs in Kansas City Are Uniquely Ours

Gold Heart Home Builders is leading the way in building energy efficient homes in Kansas City. With the incorporations we've made into previous projects, we're confident we can build you exactly what you're looking for. So let us know your ideas, and we will make them come to life!

We're also a fully licensed and insured home building company. That means not only are we experienced and knowledgeable, but we also take full liability for what's happening during your new home build. Accidents happen. Just know that you won't be responsible for them.

Ask about our financing options and other special offers when you get in touch with our customer care team.



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- J. & S. Evans

Your Complete Custom Home is Just a Phone Call Away!

Whatever you have in mind for your custom home build in Kansas City, Gold Heart Home Builders has you covered. We will take your ideas and budget and build your dream home! Our design consultant will walk you through your options and what you can expect throughout the home building process at the first initial consultation. That's when you can decide if what we're doing is what you want for your forever home. All you have to do is dial our number. Do it today!

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